Corporate (Team Building)

The Mobile Escapes experience is perfect for corporate events, school programs, staff parties, private events, etc.



Businesses and families can gain some practical and useful information about how they can perform better as a team from a debrief of their GB Escape Room experience.

With a short debrief, participants of the GB Escape Room experience can learn what they tend to do well as a team and understand in a meaningful way what their strengths are as a team. They also can go away with some ideas of what they need to improve to operate more cooperatively and collaboratively together. Contact us at, to find out more about how you might use this process to help your team or family.

Our team can provide several unique scenario’s to help your staff learn and bring skills back to the workplace. Our Facilitators will tailor a program for your business using our mobile units or setting up escape rooms right in your offices for the ultimate convenience. Pricing will depend on options you choose and the number of participants and scenario’s. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.
Whether finding a unique way to have your employees work together as a team or just entertaining your guests, Grey Bruce Escape Room Adventures is here for you.

We supply all equipment required and can quickly set up in any room (boardrooms, living rooms, classrooms, lunchrooms, etc.) Once we are set up, you have 60 minutes to work together and escape from our themed rooms. With a lot of clues to find, locks to unlock and puzzles to solve, the escape isn’t an easy task!

Mobile Escapes includes:

Puzzles and problem solving activities. Team building for family, friends and co-workers. The Mobile Escapes experience is perfect for corporate events, school programs, staff parties, private events, bachelorettes, etc.

Hobart Canada

Our Company planned a team building event with Grey Bruce Escape Room Adventures in September 2017. Working with Scott Rennie and his team to set up the event was a great experience. The 2 day event for our 22 staff personnel was enjoyed by all. The shared experience of solving problems with clues and information certainly re-emphasized the importance of collaborative group work within our organization. I would highly recommend GB Escape Room Adventures whether it is just for “fun” or for a formalized “team building event

Home Depot

As a team building exercise, we hired Grey Bruce Mobile Escape Rooms for the leadership team at Home Depot. Scott did a great job of explaining the themed room we had chosen and the rules to the game. We had three teams with each group allowed one hour to escape from the room. The exercise was a fun way to unwind after a busy few months, but was also a great way to build moral and to encourage each of us to use our creative and critical thinking, along with working together as a team. In the end, only one team was able to escape in under an hour, however, all groups became closer through the achievement of a common goal.


Does your team have what it takes?

Team Building

Escape rooms are a fun way to engage family or employees in team building exercises. Join in the fun and learn through enjoyment.

Time Management

In a race against time, you and your group must use your time wisely, as time may run out faster than you think.

Observational Skills

With so many clues to be found and so little time, you become very observant of everything around you. Your success will depend on it.


Businesses can gain practical information about how they can perform better as a team from a GB Escape Room debrief.